Original Art Market is here to connect independent and original artists with art enthusiasts searching for an affordable but unique piece.

The platform provides both buyers and sellers with access to a larger market that may not be achievable through high street galleries. Original Art Market is here to support and promote the artist, while providing the everyday art enthusiast with access to a larger range of original, unique, and affordable pieces.

At Original Art Market, our artists are entrepreneurs, and our customers are the experts. Our mission is to connect the right artist and art piece to the right expert.

We invite our entrepreneur partners to showcase their talent and tell their story through the bio section. We make sure your story and art is available and easy accessible to art enthusiasts and experts beyond the reach of traditional galleries. We are here to help you be successful.

For the art enthusiast, you can discover what each artist is about, the story behind their journey, and find unique art pieces within your price range. Often, “unique” means out of reach, at Original Art Market, we are here to change that.

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